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Halloween Costume Ideas for Families & Couples

Happy October!

Even though we're a few weeks into Fall, I feel like October makes this season official.

The weather has cooled down, people are starting to decorate, and there are pumpkins nearly everywhere. If this isn't getting you into Halloween mode, I don't know what will!

If you're like me and love to dress up for Halloween, I have some costume ideas for you!

Patrick and I have been dressing up since we first started dating, but it got really fun once we had our baby. Today I'll be sharing some costume ideas for families and couples. Feel free to switch it up, add or subtract to fit to the size of your party!

FYI some costumes include affiliate links where I earn a small commission if you purchase through my link. Thank you for supporting me!

This costume can do no wrong because anyone can appreciate a tribute to Star Wars! At first, I had planned to be Princess Leia with Patrick as Luke Skywalker, but then decided to switch it up! We definitely got a few chuckles and high five due due to our last minute decision 😂

Everett is a true pandemic baby so for his first costume, we had to pay tribute to the Tiger King! During the lockdown, everyone and their mothers tuned in to the most ridiculous, hilarious and wild documentary of Joe Exotic and his unreal life stories. I am not ashamed to admit that we binged that series so fast and had SO much fun being Joe and Carole for the day. Also, how adorable is Everett as a baby tiger?!

Pizza + Prego Sauce

If you're expecting, this costume is the perfect way to rock your cute baby bump! All I did was pick up a bright red sweater and make a Prego label using felt. I also cut little tomatoes, which definitely completed the tomato sauce look. I also made a Pizza costume for Patrick using large sheets of felt and added toppings like pepperoni, olives and bell pepper. This is such an easy DIY and all you need are colored felt, a hot glue gun, and a pair of scissors!

Spinelli from Recess

If you're a 90s kid, you know Recess was all the rage! Spinelli was my favorite character and one I related with the most. All you need is a yellow beanie, red(ish) dress, a black leather jacket and black boots! These yellow and purple striped leggings would work really well too. If you're dressing up with family, you can add TJ, Gretchen, Mikey, Gus, Vincent, or King Bob! The Ashleys would also be an excellent choice.

This one is a really easy costume idea because all you need is a flannel and some animal onesies. I already owned everything for my farmers costume (flannel, overalls and boots) and all I really did was add freckles to my face. We got our cow and chicken costume from Amazon super last minute (thanks Amazon Prime!)

Despicable Me - Gru + Minion(s)

This is probably the easiest costume to pull off because you'll likely own some of these items at home! For Gru, all you need is a black hoodie, black & gray striped scarf and black jeans. For the minion costume, find a pair of overalls and wear it over a yellow top! I also wore a yellow beanie and black boots to complete the look. Bonus points if you can find black gloves and goggles!

And that's a wrap!

It was so fun to look back at some of our Halloween costumes and I hope it gave you some ideas. I can't wait to see what everyone dresses up as and if you end up using one of these costumes, be sure to tag me on instagram @dianuhaerin! :)

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