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The most unique locket I ever did see

Of all the collaborations I've done, this is probably one of the most unique ones, because I never had my designs on jewelry before!

There's so many things I LOVE about this collab, but first let me introduce you to Sincerely Capri. Sincerely Capri is a jewelry brand based in Orange County, CA and they're all about capturing moments that last a lifetime. They put a contemporary and innovative twist to a classic heirloom to help you capture and tell your unique story, all through a locket.

When Sincerely Capri (SC for short) first reached out to me, I instantly had a good feeling because we both have a mission to capture special moments and celebrate the people in it. I do this through watercolor portraits and SC achieves this through jewelry.

After a few months of planning and designing, we launched our first collection in Winter of 2021. On the front of the locket, you can choose your custom monogram with calligraphy by yours truly. Then on the inside of the locket, you can either choose a photo or have a watercolor portrait of your loved ones. So cool right?!

You can further customize your locket by choosing your birth stone on the locket face AND add additional personalization on the back side as well.

Then in Spring of 2022, we launched our Floral lockets featuring four flower designs:

Peony: The women in my family LOVE peonies and I don't blame them. They are beautiful in full bloom and resemble romance, honor and compassion which describes the different members in your family perfectly.

Poppy: Poppies are my personal favorite because they make me so happy! It also means remembrance, peace and rest which resonate with me so much right now. During this season of motherhood, these are the exact words I need to hold onto, which makes me love poppies all the more.

Tulip: Tulips truly reflect what they resemble: elegance, grace and passion. I love how dramatic petals and leaves look in full bloom and it embodies the women we all aspire to be.

Pansy: Pansies are the most wonderful flowers to watercolor. I mean, have you seen so many color variations in one flower type before? Not only are they beautiful to look at, they also symbolize love, thoughtfulness and loyalty.

If you're looking for a more simple look, I would go with the delicate locket for everyday wear. For special occasions or an extra oomph, rock the signature lockets with gemstones!

Both collections are now available on Sincerely Capri!

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