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The Full Story


Hey! I'm Dianuh and I'm an illustrator based in Nashville, Tennessee.

I originally grew up on a small Island at the Southern tip of South Korea before migrating to start a new life in Los Angeles, California. As I was getting accustomed to the new culture and language, I found art incredibly therapeutic. It became a way for me to express myself, share my experiences and visually communicate with others. Today, I license out my artwork for brand collaborations, teach aspiring artists how to watercolor and offer live art services for events — yes, I wear lots of hats!


Art is my language

California was the perfect place for me to grow in my creativity and pursue my artistic endeavors.


In college, I started a blog and online shop, called Chasing Linen. What was supposed to be a fun side hobby became my full time business in 2015. Since then, I've been able to work with dream clients like Google, Nordstrom, Michaels, Ellen Degeneres and more!

In my personal life, I graduated college, fell in love, and got married.Then in 2020, we welcomed our baby boy and decided to move closer to family in Nashville, TN. I've really enjoyed the slower pace of life, the changing seasons, and of course, motherhood. As a work from home mom, I love that I get to spend time with my son while designing for brands all over the world! Licensing art and design has become my bread and butter and I believe it's what I was created to do. 

I pull inspiration from my everyday experiences, the changing seasons and exploring new places. I hope my art brings you joy as it does for me to create it! 


Fun Facts


I'm an enneagram type 3, married to a type 3. We get stuff done!


I prefer dark over milk chocolate.


My friends say I'm an adventurous eater, but I say life’s too short not to try new things!


When given the chance, I would choose beach over mountains any day!


I'm immensely thankful I get to do what I love for a living and for my family who has been nothing but supportive.

I met my husband Patrick back when I was dreaming about becoming a professional artist. While we were dating, he actually helped me create a plan to do it full time, and it worked! I like to say that I'm a dreamer and he's the doer. I have a million ideas and he helps make it happen!

We got married in 2016 and have since had some big life changes. Patrick started his own freight forwarding business, we bought and fixed up our first home, sold that home and moved across the country with our then 3 month old. Phew, I think we're all caught up now!

Our son Everett is now 2.5 years old and he is the most joyful, sweet soul. Motherhood has stolen my heart and I am so thankful it has. I love blogging about my life as a work from home mom, business owner, and artist. Check it out below!

Thank you for stopping by my little corner on the internet 💛

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