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I believe everyone has the ability to create beautiful, original works of art

Let me show you how

Whether you call yourself creative or not, anyone can learn how to paint with just a bit of guidance. 

including  you!


Seeing people in the zone while creating lights me up.

There's nothing like seeing what was on your mind transfer over to paper right? We only have so many hours in a day and most are spent on and for everyone else that sometimes we forget about ourselves. Let's change that. I believe chasing what brings you joy is important and pursuing creativity is important.

Here's why: The process of creating allows you to tap into your intuition, emotions and deep desires. It allows you to process, reflect and communicate, which is why it's so darn therapeutic! Outside of these awesome benefits, painting is just straight up fun. With a bit of guidance, I'll show you how you can tap into your creative side!


watercolor palette 2.png

The only course where you will learn figure drawing and watercolor painting to create your own watercolor portrait.

Foliage line work-02.png

Which course is the best fit for me?

here's a quick snapshot! 



Watercolor Portrait Course is a two-in-one course that covers both figure drawing and watercolor painting. 
After this in-depth course, you'll be able to create your own watercolor portraits that you can gift or keep for yourself!

There aren't many drawing classes out there, which is why I decided to cover it inside The Portrait Protocol. In this shorter workshop, we'll cover how to draw a person from head-to-toe so you can nail down your proportions and sketch like a pro!

Both online classes are beginner friendly!


If you're looking for a simple drawing class to improve your sketches, this is it! Follow my step-by-step protocol and have a finished portrait sketch at the end.

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