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Weekly Meal Planner

I don't know if you experience this, but we usually buy the same things at the grocery store each week.

Often times, we don't check the fridge beforehand and end up buying more of what we DO have, which is both impractical and annoying. Why did we buy another box of spring mix and more bananas when we're fully stocked?! I have no idea.

After our most recent grocery run, I finally decided to do something about it.

I ran to my desktop and created a simple weekly meal planner on Canva.

My husband and I typically talk through our meals before shopping, but throughout the week we forget about them. So, I wanted a place to write it all down AND have a space for what's currently in our fridge and freezer to avoid over shopping.

After designing and printing, I immediately ran to my fridge and freezer to take inventory. I also wrote down what we'll have for lunch and dinner each day, as well as notes on when to take out meat from the freezer. Game changer.

Weekly Meal Planner Templates

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So my friend, if you find yourself having this same problem, I hope these template helps you too! I chose a minimal yet colorful layout so that it's easy to fill out and doesn't require a ton of printer ink. All in all, I'm pretty happy with it so far!

I plan on using this system for a few weeks and when if I'm 100% on the design, I'm going to laminate it. Print it once and reuse again and again? Yes please.

If you end up using my template, post your filled out weekly meal planner on your Instagram stories and tag me @dianuhaerin! Secretly, I'd like to get some meal ideas and see what's in your fridge ;)

Happy planning friends!

PS For our shopping list, we make a digital checklist through an app called Asana. Check it out!

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