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Turn Your Art into Anything


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Ever wondered how to turn your artwork into a tangible product? It all starts with digitizing your artwork. The possibilities are truly endless once you learn this valuable skill!

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Unlock the Lessons

This free mini course will teach you how to take your painting, sketch, or calligraphy and digitize it so you can create whatever you want! Register now and get immediate access to all the lessons.

Lesson 1:
Scanning Your Art
Image by Sincerely Media
Lesson 2:
High Contrast Art
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Lesson 3:
Low Contrast Art
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Lesson 4:
Saving YourArt

Get Instant Access

This free mini course will teach you how to how to digitize your artwork from start to finish. Each lesson is under 15 minutes so you can complete the entire course in one sitting! 

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oh hello!

I'm Dianuh Aerin

I grew up thinking it was impossible to become a professional artist, but now I know there's nothing further from the truth! My mission is to help creatives like you pursue your artistic endeavors by providing you with tools & resources I wish I had when I started out (like this mini course!) I can't to see what you create after diving into the lessons!

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